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          Introduction to Yongkang Foreign Language School

             Yongkang Foreign Language School(YFLS), directed by the school board, is a non-profit and non-state-run school, for which the principal take full management responsibility.There are 18 classes, 730 students and 84 faculty members in all now. It is expected to reach a scale of 60 classes, 2400 students and 260 faculty members in its full-fledge.

             Sticking to the education philosophy of“holistic education”, YFLS strives to cultivate outstanding talents with “moralintegrity, outstanding skills and well-rounded capacities” by freeing itself from the shackles imposed by the outside world, and adopting the developmental strategies of “harmonious and humanistic school management, scientific and systematic education practice, autonomous and efficient open classes, as well as rich and personalized extra curriculum activities”.

          YFLS insists on creating its own unique school ethos. The school aims to shape a “team development”global culture, foster a “light-burden but high-quality” teaching culture, promote an “open-minded and sensible” educational culture, and nourish a“self-realization” management culture. YFLS advocates efficient classroom instruction by encouraging “independent reform, vibrant innovation, individualized practice ,” and implements humanistic management, focusing on  “professional guidance, personalized curricula and individualized development.”

          The faculty of YFLS is a team with high standard for professionalism and ethics. Most of them have won various kinds of titles and awards, such as Provincial Super Teachers, Provincial and Municipal Best Young Teachers, Discipline Leaders, and various prizes from High -Quality Class Instructing Contests.

          With grand ideals in mind but down-to-earth attitude, YFLS is devoted to creating an elite school with an advanced educational philosophy, excellent faculty, flexible curriculum, and distinct characteristics.


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