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               自主自覺,全人發展 / Autonomous learning, holistic developmen

               “Achieving virtue in morality, pursuing truth in intelligence, appreciating beauty in arts,  holding faith in religion, staying fit in body, and seeking enrichment in life” are interpreted as an individual’s  ideal “holistic development.” We hope YFLS students will achieve a holistic self-improvement  by getting actively involved in flexible curriculum design, making full use of various activities available in and outside school to get enough practice to cultivate autonomous learning abilities, strike a balance between academic foundation and  capacity development, and nurture their own unique individuality and interests. Every student will pledge their best efforts to  achieve an all-round and balanced development in the perspectives of morals, intelligence, physique,and aesthetics, and grow into promising talents  with “moral integrity, solid academic achievement  and well-rounded capacities.”


               激情智慧,喚醒潛能 / Wisdom and passion, potential exploration
               The ultimate aim of education is not to impart what has already been found, but encourage students’ creativity and awaken their senses of life and value. We hope that YFLS teachers will respect each student’s individuality and ignite their desires to pursue virtue and beauty by cultivating an open, sensible, democratic and harmonious campus atmosphere; and realize students’ full potential of independent study and growth by fostering an active, dynamic, autonomous and independent learning community. Each teacher in YFLS will be full of passion and wisdom, with a passion to kindle students’ desire for knowledge, and the wisdom to enlighten students’ intelligential mind. We also hope that each teacher will be full of love, guiding students’ development, and have the art of teaching, awakening students’ potentials.



               言傳身教,示范引領 / Words and deeds, exemplary model
               President Xi Jinping once pointed out “The family is the basic social cell and children's first school. A good family tradition and family education is a guarantee to a child's healthy growth.” Besides providing children with well-off life and excellent educational facilities, parents should be exemplary models to their children through their own words and deeds. By working hard, being good at cooperation, and being willing to shoulder responsibility, every parent can show their children how to understand the missions of life, social responsibility and the meaning of life.With parents’ patient company, supportive encouragement, and  enlightening guidance, every child will grow up strong in body and rich in mind.



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